Engineering Scholarships

Rise to the challenge and become an engineering scholarship recipient!

Application deadline is Feb. 1. Get help applying, or apply now!

The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering have many scholarship programs to support our students. During the 2021-22 academic year, we gave over $1.2 million dollars in the form of scholarship support to our undergraduate students. Our commitment is to support our current Engineering student body and amplify access to the field of Engineering through generous donations and support from our caring donors, companies, community members, associations, organizations and staff.

The 2023-24 Engineering Scholarship Application opens November 1. The deadline for most scholarships is February 1.

Fulton offers a wide range of scholarships, including both merit-based and need-based opportunities. These scholarships are available to both new (incoming freshman and transfer students) as well as our continuing engineering students. Students must apply by the posted deadline for consideration.

Additional Scholarship Information

Supporting students

Individuals, corporate partners and other private donors gave us $1,291,532 in scholarship support this academic year (2021-2022) to fund engineering students. Their generosity makes a huge difference financially for our students, but also enhances student success and community engagement. Donor support comes in all forms and for different reasons.

If you are interested in creating or contributing to a scholarship, please contact: [email protected]

“Scholarships have brought my dreams one step closer to fruition and have motivated me to continue my education with the highest degree of pride and effort.”

Mohamed Sabet, Graduate student

What’s the difference between an ASU scholarship and an engineering scholarship?

The Engineering Scholarship Portal and ASU’s Scholarship Portal are separate systems, with distinct scholarship opportunities. Our engineering scholarship portal has opportunities specifically for our Fulton Schools of Engineering majors.

The best way to find any available scholarships outside of the engineering scholarships is to use the ASU Scholarship Portal.