Fulton Emergency Fund Scholarship

Rachel Carranza, a student majoring in theatre (acting) with a certificate in secondary education from Phoenix, AZ studies solo outside of the MU on Tempe campus on April 18, 2022.

Supporting students in need

The Fulton Student Emergency Fund provides financial support in certain cases when students find themselves unable to meet their expenses due to temporary, unforeseen financial hardship.

For example: an unexpected medical bill, a raise in rent or a broken-down car.

The goal of the emergency fund is to help students who have exhausted all other resources by providing them with a one-time financial support to overcome temporary obstacles and stay on track to complete their degree.

Criteria for eligibility

In order to be eligible to apply for funds, you must:

  • Be enrolled in a Fulton Schools of Engineering degree program.
  • Have a recent unforeseen circumstance that has made it difficult for you to persist in your education or pay necessary day to day expenses.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Have pursued all other available resources, such as Dean of Students Crisis Funding, available loan funding, family support, etc.
  • Have a realistic and actionable plan to prevent future financial obstacles.

Students also typically:

  • Have a cumulative ASU GPA of 2.0 or higher (if an undergraduate student) or have a documented academic warning or probation agreement in place.
  • Have a cumulative ASU GPA of 3.0 or higher (if a graduate student) or have a documented probation agreement in place.

Award available

The Fulton Schools Student Emergency Fund Scholarship is a one-time funding option for students facing financial hardship, and may support costs associated with tuition and fees, books and supplies, and other unexpected education related expenses. Funds awarded through the Fulton Emergency Fund are intended as one-time support. Future requests or requests for increases will not be considered.

Amounts vary depending on the circumstance and funding availability, but individual awards are typically no more than $500 to $1,000.

Stephen Young, a veteran student from Chandler, AZ, studying aerospace engineering and (in stripes) Jonah Meiter from Tempe, AZ, studying aerospace engineering, work together outside of the MU on the Tempe campus on April 18, 2022.


Our application collects basic information related to your student record, as well as specific information related to your circumstance.

Be prepared to provide an explanation of your current financial hardship, amount of funding requested, as well as documentation to support your requested amount.

Applications are reviewed by Engineering’s Academic & Student Affairs Office and information submitted is kept confidential. Please monitor your email for any additional information that may be requested.

Requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. As funds are limited, not all students who apply will receive funding. Please allow 1-2 weeks from submission for review.

Other funding sources

Below are other resources we encourage students explore, in addition to Fulton Emergency Funding:

  • Have you completed a FAFSA application, and considered accepting any available loan funding?
  • If you have a reliable source of repayment and no current balance due, Financial Aid and Scholarship Services offers Short Term Emergency Loans.
  • If you are facing immediate food or housing insecurity, students are encouraged to apply for Crisis funds through the Dean of Students Office.
  • Consider booking an appointment with an Engineering Scholarship Specialist to learn more about available options.

Questions may be directed to: [email protected].