Academic Student Success Resources

Arizona State University and Fulton Schools of Engineering offers free academic support resources for all students including tutoring, writing support, structured study groups, or a place to study on your own.

Below is a listing of support services offered to students and scholarship recipients alike.


  • Academic Advising is available for all engineering programs. You can make an appointment by visiting the advising scheduler.
  • The Engineering Tutoring Center has several locations offering FREE tutoring for calculus, physics, chemistry, and engineering classes.
  • The Student Success Center has four locations and provides tutoring, writing support, success coaching, structured study groups, modules, and software training. They offer free academic support resources for all students.
  • ASU offers a variety of Tutoring and Writing Centers
  • Inner Circle offers updates on the latest opportunities for students to get support, become involved, and take full advantage of all that Fulton Schools has to offer.