$2,000 Arizona Floodplain Management Association Scholarship


ARIZONA FLOODPLAIN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION 2016-2017 SCHOLARSHIP The ARIZONA FLOODPLAIN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION (AFMA) through the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is pleased to announce the availability of a minimum of one (1) scholarship for the 2016-2017 academic year. This award will be for $2,000: $1,000/fall 2016 and $1,000/spring 2017.
• Applicant may be an undergraduate or a Master’s candidate (include thesis title if applicable) in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in water resources, including surface water hydrology and hydraulics, watershed management, agricultural engineering, geomorphology, or enrolled in a floodplain management accredited program approved by the AFMA Board of Directors.
• Undergraduates must be a minimum of a junior and within 60 credit hours of graduation. Must have a minimum of 6 credit hours in one of the fields of study above by the end of the two semesters for which the scholarship applied. These 6 hours may have been completed or completed during the scholarship period.

• Must be a full-time (12 hours or more for undergraduate or 6 hours or more for graduate) for the duration of the scholarship. Include anticipated semester and year of graduation.
• Must maintain a 3.0 semester and cum GPA for the duration of the scholarship.
• Applicants must be US citizen or permanent resident of US.
• Submit a minimum of two letters of recommendation from the applicant’s professors in water resources field, student advisor or from water resources professionals in the community.
• Submit a two-page written statement including:
• explanation of why the applicant applied for a scholarship from AFMA;
• description of the applicant’s professional goals for the future and how this funding will help the applicant achieve those goals; and
• demonstration of past or on-going leadership in an area related to water resources, such as serving in a student professional society and/or including a list and description of any student awards received.
• Preference will be given to AFMA members. For additional information about AFMA visit their website at www.azfma.org.
• Financial need is not a factor; however, preference may be given to students who meet all above criteria and demonstrate need by incorporating economic circumstances into their written statement.


Deadline to submit application: March 25, 2016
Submit completed, signed and dated applications to:
Arizona Floodplain Management Association
c/o Lynn Thomas with Flood Control District of Maricopa County
2801 West Durango Street
Phoenix, AZ 85009-6399