$1K scholarship for minority students pursuing Computer Science or Information Technology.

SkillForge, a technical and business skills training provider to companies, institutions and individuals across North America, has announced the creation of a $1000 annual scholarship for minority students pursuing degrees in Computer Science or Information Technology.
SkillForge’s scholarship program aims to support the idea that careers in technology should be available to everyone. Although 70% of black and Hispanic teens recently surveyed expressed at least some enthusiasm for a career in the IT field, students who are economically or socially disadvantaged are severely under-represented in those graduating with Computer Science or other related degrees. And they are even further under-represented at major tech companies. “The very companies that sell the products that most of them carry around with them every day. We think that needs to change,” said Joel Wurffel, Principal at SkillForge. “With the creation of this scholarship, we hope to expand opportunities for those populations that are currently under-represented in this vital field.”

Students must meet several criteria in order to qualify for the scholarship as well as submit a written essay as to why they believe they are most qualified to receive the award. Full details can be found at the SkillForge Minority Scholarship Application site.
Applications must be received by April 15th.